Smart solutions for sport club


Mitivu offers you innovative solutions to ease and simplify the communication of your sport club.


Mitivu TV broadcasts dynamic and eye-catching information on your TV screens.


You are organizing a tournament or a competition in your club? Mitivu Sports handles the whole management of the competition and helps you to make it unforgettable.


All this is only possible with your partners helping you in your projects. Mitivu Partenaires helps you to manage your sponsoring and allows you to offer to your partners the visibility they deserve. 


Why choosing Mitivu

  • At first, to share a passion for sports and high-tech
  • Personalized advices to help you building the best solution for you
  • An efficient integration with your medias: web site, social networks, email ...
  • An affordable solution, suited to your needs and your infrastructure
  • An experience in communication and sponsoring of sport clubs


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